Fotiou is excited to announce the addition of Tru Vue® glass and acrylic products available July 1st!

Founded in 1946, Tru Vue has a long and successful history around the world as a leader and innovator in the protection and conservation of all things framed and displayed. They are a global leader in both anti-reflective and conservation grade UV protecting glazing. No other company produces such an extensive portfolio of high-performance glazing products for the picture framing industry!

Effective July 1st 2024

you can order the most popular Tru Vue glazing products from Fotiou, including but not limited to......

Conservation Clear® Acrylic

The best value in anti-reflective glass. 78% UV protection, very durable, and 2.5mm thick (for added strength).

UltraVue® Glass

Anti-reflective water white glass. Durable and available in both 70% and 92% UV protection, 2mm thick.

Museum Glass®

The most popular 99% UV protecting, conservation grade, anti-reflective glass with Tru Vue's "Easy Clean" technology.

Conservation Clear®

Standard conservation grade glass with 99% UV protection.

Conservation Clear® Acrylic

99% UV protecting, conservation grade acrylic. Now also available in 60" x 80" inches 4.5mm thick and 80" x 120" inches 6mm thick sizes!

Optium Museum AcrylicⓇ

The most popular 99% UV protecting, conservation grade, anti-reflective acrylic available in sizes ranging from 16" x 20" inches to 72" x 120" inches.